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Griedge Mbock – « Family First »


Well, we’re not going to lie to each other, I’ve had a shitty year. I’m not going to go back over the health situation that has been affecting all of us for almost a year now, and I think that would have been enough without having to add anything else.

But life brings us (bad) surprises sometimes and we have to know how to face them.

While we were taking advantage of the summer break to breathe a little bit again, my body gave me that (first!!!!) nasty blow and this dirty injury that wouldn’t let go of me. A first operation in June and a second one in November deprived me of one of the things I love most in life: soccer.

Well, that’s life, I’m not the type to brood and I’m especially lucky to be very well surrounded. We are used to say that there is nothing more important than family in life, well I have found (even though I already knew it), that my family is really fantastic (and I am not only talking about my blood family but also about my friends who have become my family).

Today, I am writing to you, to pay tribute to you, to pay tribute to those who saw me alight from my Brittany at the age of 20.

As soon as I arrived in the pro world, I dreamed of winning the Champions League. By signing for Lyon in 2015, I joined the galaxy of players I watched on TV, the ones I wanted to play with. I knew some of the players from the French team, but here I was arriving in THE club capable of allowing me to fulfill myself as an athlete.

ONLY STARS! They welcomed me as one of their own and I was able to grow quickly as a woman and as a player. The club hadn’t won the European Cup for three years and that first season ended perfectly with my first Champions League title. It was already a family affair since my older brother Erwan came to Reggio Emilia for our victory against Wolfsburg.

And a family is also built-in difficult moments, I remember at the half time of the Champions League game against Chelsea in 2019, it was super close that day but we finally passed. Muddy ground, super small locker room, and real English weather, everything was there for us to fall. But since I’ve been wearing these colors, I feel that the energy that habits this club is special. Despite the moments of doubt, the outcome is often made of smiles.
We suffer together, we win together.

Growing, falling, getting up again, growing again, blossoming, and accomplishing yourself as a woman and as an athlete.

From the first day, I felt that I was not lost when I arrived here. From the first day, I felt that I would not be alone. When I arrived, Elodie Thomis immediately took me under her wing. A habit that had started in the french team and she taught me everything I needed to know about how the club works and what it has to offer.
I also quickly hooked up with Wendie, the emblematic captain, with whom I would play so many matches with the OL or with the Blue shirt.

It is also here that the “Crew” was born: Amel, Delphine, and Kheira, I couldn’t explain to you the why and the how but they became my sisters. Even if today, Kheira flew to Barcelona, far from the eyes, NOT far from the heart 🙂

And then I cannot, not speak to you about “my Little” Selma Bacha or Melvine Malard, whom I consider like my little sisters. And a lot of other girls with whom the feeling has gone very well and who have also given me their support.

This year I was able to measure how much “the others” had been there for me. On every floor of the club, starting with President Aulas, I thank you president because I could feel your strength. Around the club as well, the supporters, but also some people inside the French Team and even a lot of my opponents, some of whom count a lot.

A huge thought also for Gérard Houiller who, as usual, found the words to bring me a little warmth when I announced my injury. He leaves a great void and I also take advantage of this moment to pay tribute to him.

This week I extended the adventure with l’Olympique Lyonnais for 3 seasons and I will wear these colors until 2024. This confidence is a new proof of mutual love, one more.

I arrived here in 2015 with dreams in my head, ready to do my share of the work, ready to add lines to my new club’s prize list.

For almost six years now, we have been making soccer history. Today I am more determined than ever to give back everything I have been given, ready to honor the family that is now mine.

History is written here, at the Olympique Lyonnais.

I’ll see you on the fields, take care of yourself,



Central defender for OL and the French national team.

Champion of France
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Champions League winner
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Winner of the Coupe de France
2016, 2017, 2019

Best Youth player UNFP

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